Sites Measured

This section contains a list of different sites where ground motion was measured, including a short introduction to the geographical location, cultural noise situation and the precise positioning of the sensors. As an overview of the cultural noise situation, a picture with the rms-value of vertical motion for frequencies above 1Hz versus time is shown.
In addition, you will find some photos of the sensor positions.

Also you will find selected data both as spectra and available for download. This data has been selected to show the most noisy time (day) and the most quiet time (night) of a site.

We also have a database of DESY's Type II & III cryomodule vibration stability data which is still under reconstruction.

With our display program below, you can view the *.csv(w)(z/n/e) and av*.csv(w)(z/n/e) files
after downloading them. *.csv(w) files are the one minute FFT data, and av*.csv(w) are the
average data, usually in 15 minute intervals, for the site ground motion data.
The letter 'w' in the file name refers to windowed data. The last letter (z/n/e) refers to the
measured component. For ground motion data, we're usually interested in the vertical direction, or the 'z' component.

You may view the displacement PSD spectra and the root mean square (rms) of displacement, integrated from the PSD spectra, for f > 1 Hz.

Display program
application/octet-stream Display program (136KB)

This program was written by H. Ehrlichmann, using ACOP (Accelerator Component Oriented Programming) tools, and is published after permission from the author.

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Please visit the ACOP homepage for more information on ACOP.